Main Function

Monitoring the length of a cutting or drilling tool inside a CNC machine
Mostly applied in 24 hours producing CNC machining factory to prevent the defective products being made


Benifits for CNC machine operators

Before / 1 labor takes care of 1 CNC machine center
After / 1 labor takes care of 10 CNC machine center
Saving labor cost
Reducing reject ratio
Increasing producting performance

Applications for CNC tools

Zero presetting

Abrasion detection

Breakage detection

Length compensation

Competitive Advantages of T-sense products

High precision – repeatability 0.001mm

Pocket size and light weight(Manual Type)

Fit small diameter tool (φ0.1mm)

Made in Taiwan - quality assurance


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Tool Setter Product List

  • T40Z Cylindrical Type Tool Setter for CNC Machines
  • T30Z Cylindrical Type tool setter for CNC machine center
  • T20Z Cylindrical Type Tool Setter for small CNC Machines
  • T10Z Flat Type Tool Setter for CNC Engraving Machines
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